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Join us for a training run with our Alaskan huskies. You will learn what the musher will do in the long distance race checkpoint.

CA$ 90 / per person
3 Hours

Meet our Alaskan huskies. Most of them are Iditarod and Yukon Quest veterans. Discover these incredible athletes.

CA$ 25 / per person
One Hour

Many old mines roads cross all the territory. They go up on several mountains. It gives the opportunity to travel by ATV in the heart of the mountains.

CA$ 300 / per person
6 Hours

This magnificent area can be discovered with our guided tours, for example, the Southern lakes regions, Dawson, Kluane park, Skagway, Haines, Dempster Highway, Arctic Circle, Top of the world Highway.

CA$ 0 / per person
2 to 21 days

Backpacking in the Tombstone Territorial Park is the only way to see these majestic mountains with their little gems, Grizzly Lake, Divide Lake, Talus lake.

CA$ 600 / per person
2 to 6 days

Whitehorse is surrounded by mountains and lakes. The Yukon River goes across the city. It gives great opportunities for hiking.

CA$ 125 / per person
3 to 6 Hours

Hiking in the Kluane National Park is a good way to discover this majestic park.

CA$ 190 / per person
3 to 6 Hours

Backpacking in the Kluane National Park is a good way to discover this majestic park more deeply.

CA$ 490 / per person
2 to 10 days

The coast Mountains range is a vast territory of pristine wilderness. It starts at our doorstep.

CA$ 150 / per person
3 to 6 Hours

The Chilkoot trail is located between the Pacific Coast and the Yukon. The Chilkoot Pass is crossing the Coast Mountains, a vast chain of mountains, and the border between Alaska (USA) and the Yukon (Canada). It was traveled by thousands of people during the gold rush. As we are walking in the steps of the…

CA$ 1575 / per person
5 days / 4 nights

In autumn, it is an excellent time to observe the northern lights. The nights are deep, the lakes are not yet frozen. The auroras are reflected there.

CA$ 590 / per person
2 days / 2 nights